Sandra's HeartArt was born out of loss

The Lord gifted me with an "Artist's Heart", but for years I tucked my gift away to pay the bills and take care of my disabled daughter.  With several life changing events - my gift was once again release and the creation of Sandra's HeartArt was born.  Now creating

Bath Soaks to please the senses and relax the body

Jewelry to please the eye

Memory Boxes to keep a loved one close or remember a celebration.

HeartArt is truly that - Art from my heart to yours.

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Sandra's HeartArt was born with the passing of my mother.  My mom was a main source of strength and support in my journey with my disabled daughter.  After my mother passed, I was  sitting in her living room, just missing her.  I found myself looking around at her stuff.  I found an old papier-mache heart box and some of her favorite items sitting in a shadow box and created my first memory box.  Having this box helped me on the days that I missed her.  Just to be able to look at her favorite items was a comfort.  As people asked about the box and why i made it - I began making memory boxes for others.  Sandra's HeartArt was born out of loss and became part of my healing- my first memory box began that source of healing AND became my logo.

About Sandra's HeartArt